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Unread 22nd March, 2006, 05:45 AM
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Default ### UT Server Baiter Editon ###

================================================== =====
UT GOTY Patch 436 Win32 Custom Edition by -={SDA}=-Baiter
3rd Release
================================================== =====

This is currently for Windows only. I am slowing but surely learning linux, but not faster enough to make this compatiable with linux in the near future, so if someone would like to move the setup over the linux, thats totally up to them

What is Difference between this one and the normal stock one?
This Baiter Edition Version of UT99 is UT Dedicated Server for Windows Patched to 436 with all Bonus Packs (1-4). This special version is configured with all the latest anticheats, tweaks, Webadmin, Automatic Server rebooting, vunerability fixes, the ability to save all of your server logs, equipped with professional mods to make your server run efficent, run smooth as butter, use less bandwidth, less lag, and will keep 99% of the cheats out of your server (as of 12/25/2007). Also jam packed with cheat logging, client logging, and Chat server will never go out of sight and you will have total control of YOUR Server. The way it was MEANT to be.


Just Extract the files into a Directory that you see fit to run the server. Everything else is done for you.

Main Features:

-Latest Anticheats Installed. Not only will these keep cheaters out of your server, but the configuration of these AntiCheats will check each other in the process to prevent package hacking and comprising of Anticheats. This basically ensures the Anticheat does it's job without fail. The Configuration of these anticheats is meant to kick the true cheaters and keep the False Positives to a minimum.

AnthChecker 1.38
Secure Validate

-Less Bandwidth

With the help of EUT's IpServer.u Tweaks and the tweaked UT.ini settings, your clients will have a capped Netspeed of 7500. This is plenty of netspeed and I have been using it for years, and my server is one of the most popular.

-Less Lag

Again, with the help of EUT's new Netcoding....Gameplay has been enhanced and is now less laggier. Also, without the un-needed packages commonly misplaced in the setup of the server, which isnt needed. This will reduce the stress on the server and your players.


This is probably my favorite thing about this setup. I have this server setup PACKED with awesome logging options. As of right now if any one of the anticheats kicks a cheat or a suspected cheater, that person will be logged without question.

This is where all the logs of the AnthCheckers kicks will go.

This is where all the logs of the UTDC Kicks will go.

This is where all the logs of the EUT Kicks will go.

*Note* EUT currently has a bug with the problems with logging. The author has said that this will be fixed with the next version. For the time being you can do what I do...which is open the Server Log, and do a search for "[eut" and see who EUT is kicking and for what.

If ASC is enabled, This is where all the logs of the ASC Functions will go.

This is where all the Chatlogs of EVERY SINGLE GAME will go. Which means, no one says ANYTHING without it being on record.

The Server is Equipped with AKA (As Known As). This is a modifed version that -={SDA}=-Dingus made to reduce lag and stop the Massive Log Spamming. This will record every alias, ip, and last time played of EVERY Player.

You can find this list of players in the System Folder under AKAv6KLog.ini

WebAdmin Features:

I have the Latest Webadmin and Goodies installed. Thanks to Rush, the author of SuperWebAdmin, we now have a Uber Sweet Webadmin that's 300% faster then the stock one from Epic. Also, this version in this server has never been released. -={SDA}=-Dingus, our Clan Scripter, fixed some problems with the SuperWebAdmin so it will not crash on certain browsers....along with other bug fixes and tweaks.

Along with the SuperWebAdmin, you have been giving Webadmin for EUT Settings, ServerAdds Settings, and OpBan Settings.

To Access the Main Webadmin with your New Server use the following setup:

http://(Your IP)Your Port)/ServerAdmin

To Access the EUT Settings via Webadmin, use the following setup:

http://(Your IP)Your Port)/EUT

To Access the ServerAdds via Webadmin, use the following setup:

http://(Your IP)Your Port)/ServerAdds

To Access the OPBan Bans via Webadmin, use the following setup:

http://(Your IP)Your Port)/OPBan

But Since SuperWebAdmin has a built in support of this; I would recommend just using the version already within the SuperWebAdmin.

The Default port for SuperWebadmin is 8888, and for everything else, it is 8800. This by all means is a personal preferred setting myself, and you can have the webadmin port be WHATEVER you want it to be.
For example, if you Port is 8888 and your IP is, then your SuperWebAdmin link would be:

[Second Edition Edit]
The newer versions of SuperWebAdmin has the URL looking like this:



The Default Redirect with this package is


If they dont have a file you do, then add it.

StartServer.bat (Server Starter and Runner!)

Dingus, a member of the SDA Clan, is a professional programmer, and has made this very awesome bat file, and gave me permission to share it.

This Bat File will save every single Bat File into a Directory of YOUR Choosing. So, you can now save all your Server Logs!

This also acts as a Crash Log, and an Automatic Server Restart in the Event of a Crash.

First of all, this is Ours Currently.

ucc server CTF-2Pyramids][?Mutator=MapVoteLA13.BDBMapVote multihome= ini=SERVER.INI log=ucc.log
for /f "tokens=1,2" %%u in ('date /t') do set d=%%v
for /f "tokens=1" %%u in ('time /t') do set t=%%u
if "%t:~1,1%"==":" set t=0%t%
set timestr=%d:~6,4%%d:~3,2%%d:~0,2%%t:~0,2%%t:~3,2%
copy ucc.log C:\ServerCrashLogs\main\ucccrash%timestr%.log
copy ucc.log ucccrash.log
goto top

Now there are some Variables you need to change. Most of which is Obvious, but I will say it for the sake of everyone.

d: <== Drive in Which the Server is on.
cd\UTServers\UnrealTournament\System <== Folder Directory of the Server
ucc server CTF-2Pyramids][?Mutator=MapVoteLA13.BDBMapVote multihome= ini=SERVER.INI log=ucc.log <== Server Command Line (Remove the multihome completely if you do not have multiple IPs)
for /f "tokens=1,2" %%u in ('date /t') do set d=%%v
for /f "tokens=1" %%u in ('time /t') do set t=%%u
if "%t:~1,1%"==":" set t=0%t%
set timestr=%d:~6,4%%d:~3,2%%d:~0,2%%t:~0,2%%t:~3,2%
copy ucc.log C:\ServerCrashLogs\main\ucccrash%timestr%.log <== Directory in which you want the Logs to Go.
copy ucc.log ucccrash.log
goto top

Mutator Usage or Additions:

Adding Mutators to this server is going to be Extremely Easy, but VERY Different from the way that you will read on the instructions from Epic. No longer will you add Mutators and Mod through Webadmin. Infact, I STRONGLY discourage ANYONE from adding ANYTHING in the mutator list via webadmin (Unless for temporary reasons...IE: trainings, clanmatches, etc)
On most occasions, there will be a readme in a mutator package. If NOT...and ONLY if Not, you can find the mutator strong in the INT of the mutator. For example, if you want to add the Revenge Mod... It has NO Readme. Only a Revenge.u and in this situation, you would OPEN with notepad and view it's contents. It SHOULD look like this:

Object=(Name=Revenge.Revenge,Class=Class,MetaClass =Engine.Mutator,Description="Revenge,You get bonus points for killing your killer.")
Object=(Name=Revenge.RevengeMenuItem,Class=Class,M etaClass=UMenu.UMenuModMenuItem)

You are going to grab the mutator class which is "Revenge.Revenge" and place that only in the MapvoteLA.ini under the Gametype that YOU Wish for it to be used in.

For example, if you only want it in CTF, you would only add it to the CTF part of the if you want it in all Gametypes, just add them all.

MapvoteLA.ini is your ONLY place you should be placing mutator lines at. Not ActorCLP, not webadmin, not anywhere else.

To find almost ANY Mutator will you ever need, you can go to

Mapvote usage:

I choosen the LA13 Version of Mapvote because of all the features it has, the bug fixes, the appearance, and the overall characteristics of the mapvote.

I'm not going to lie to you and tell you this is an easy mapvote to configure....because it isnt.

But to save me and you some time, please read these 2 sites before you ask or post a problem with mapvote on any forum for help.

Unreal Admin discussion Board:

Author's Main Site and Forum:

Credits and Support:

(In no special order)

-Unreal Admin! Without you guys we would be lost and UT for SURE would have NEVER made it this far. Thank you guys soo much, this community is AWESOME!
-UTPure Team, for all the bug fixes and help on the community!
-EUT Author, Just_Me, for making EUT for his endless support and help to the UT Community
-UTDC Author, Troublesome, for making the best Hook detecter to date!
-SuperWebadmin Author, Rush, for making SuperWebAdmin and helping countless admins with support.
- -={SDA}=-Dingus, for bug fixes and scripting.
-WGF, for helping bring together all of the sniper community
-SDA, for being there for me, and for making me learn how to be admin 4-5 years ago
-AnthChecker Author, Anthrax, for making a great tool for detecting Cheaters....AnthChecker.
-ASC Author, Matthew, for updating the old ASC and making it uber sweet and taking everyone's suggestions and making them possible!
-SecureValidate Author, JustDoIt, for Securing our server against those bitch ass hackers!
#loki.ut on
-MapvoteLA Author, Cratos, for making the best Mapvote known to man! hehe

Release Update:

Version_3: Updated to UTDC 20c with optimized settings*
Updated to AnthChecker 138 Update #8

*Couple things you should know. First of all, this 20c version is very good, but it has more bugs and problem then normal. It gives some false logs, so always get them confirmed on the UTDC form on if the hook match isnt there. Also the screenshot when log function doesnt work anymore. There are a few more bugs worth mentioning, but to save time, please refer to the UTDC20c Release thread.

Version_2: Updated to UTDC 18 with optimized settings to let 64 bit players play
Fixed a few vunerabilities
Fixed SuperWebadmin Server Console page crash issue
Fixed UTDC Screenshotting issue
Fixed Multihome bug. Alot of people dont have 15+ Ips to choose from

Version_1: Inital Release

Ok, this is the 3rd release of this Custom Server by myself. I will update it from time to time with update anticheats and new mods that I see fit. It is 100% up to you to install any other mods and mutators you want. Install this at your our risk. On all machines I have installed this on (6 of them), everything works great. I will not be held responsible for any problems, issues, etc blah blah blah


Download Here:

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