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Unread 27th February, 2023, 02:29 AM
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Default CTFM-UTDMT-HighlandCastle

Most maps made by mappers that have UTDMT on them tend to have them in a relatively corralled area so they don't have full access to the whole map, which I don't tend to do but sometimes it can be ideal even for me.

What we have here is a fairly large map with 2 levels above ground and a couple more levels below. It's CTF4 and each base is in the corners of the layout, with a courtyard outside that has a UTDMT in it.

Nelsona enhanced the pathing on the map and also used Monster-Pathing on the Titans so they work a regular patrol of their respective courtyards. Which is somewhat like a bouncy house anytime a Titan slams its fists into the ground everyone nearby gets launched up into the air.

For the most part this is fairly standard CTF, with 4 teams, but sometimes the UTDMT add a mixed bit of complexity:

CTF4 & MultiCTF both have an option that some players, myself included, love where if someone takes your flag and they drop it, you have to go get it and bring it back to your own base... and sometimes when this happens, a Titan gets their own team's flag. For a host of reasons, the Titan doesn't give up the flag (both as it doesn't know how to and as it can't fit in the room where the flag is supposed to be) which brings about a complicated situation.

On the one hand, your flag is as safe as can be while a Titan has it. It takes multiple redeemer hits to kill the thing, or an excessive amount of firepower; not like anybody can get it away from a Titan quick. But, on the other hand, if you get an enemy flag back to your base you can't score by tagging the Titan that has the flag.

It's both a blessing & a curse.


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