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Unread 15th June, 2004, 12:44 PM
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Default [UT2004] Anti TCC

Old versions of Anti TCC for UT2004.

Please note that the latest versions are now called Anti TCC 2009. See the discussion forum for the latest version.
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Unread 8th July, 2004, 08:03 PM
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Anti TCC Changelog

Changes 1.18b -> 1.18c
* fixed a bug where custom MD5 checks would generate some "array out of bounds"
errors on Anti TCC initialization when there are more custom MD5 checks than
profile FileBlacklist entries
* added FullMD5s of UT2004 v3320 (unpatched UT2004 Editor's Choice Edition)
* fixed zero date in client log timestamps

Changes 1.18a -> 1.18b
* removed bCheckExternalHacks option; the agreement message only shows up if
the admin has configured blacklisted files or MD5 checks outside the UT2004
and Windows\Prefetch directories - should hopefully end some client paranoia
and admin confusion
* added support for UT2004 v3321beta classes and v3323 classes and FullMD5s
* delayed mid-game check a bit so the message about it has time to show up
* added an option to disable the mid-game check
* fixed death detection being disabled when disabling bNoTossWeaponSwitch
* fixed support for Silent Admin Login in Anti TCC console commands
* fixed illegal class strings being logged as encrypted strings
* slightly modified cache package search to hopefully fix downloaded maps not
being found
* disabled Escape key in the agreement dialog box so players don't accidently
press it when they want to close the login menu
* added a message box when the client version is not supported by Anti TCC's
FullMD5 checks (if they are enabled)
* added a limitation for CenterView to the secured PlayerController, so it can
only be used once in 3 seconds (keeps the functionality but prevents expoits)
* downgraded map MD5 check to QuickMD5
* fixed cached packages not being found for FullMD5 checks
* the SET command check has made its comeback - this means, Anti TCC can now
actually detect TCCs again
* additional FileBlacklist entries in configuration profiles are possible now
* renamed the mutator to MutAntiTCCFinal to allow Epic to flag earlier versions
as non-standard - this is really supposed to be the final version of Anti TCC

Changes 1.18 -> 1.18a
* fixed a bug where Anti TCC couldn't find its own package file in the client's
cache directory under certain circumstances
* unpacked some nested function calls (might fix garbled check results if they
were a result of UnrealScript VM bugs, otherwise they may as well be netcode
bugs or something completely different)

Changes 1.17 -> 1.18
* added default .U file FullMD5s for v3270
* added a configurable wildcard file blacklist with some hard-coded default
checks for known aimbot files
* added bCheckExternalHacks option, which tells Anti TCC, whether wildcard file
blacklist checks are allowed outside the UT2004 and WindowsXP\Prefetch dirs
* added dialog box where clients can select, whether they want to let Anti TCC
look for files outside their UT2004 and WindowsXP\Prefetch directory or only
disconnect/spectate the match (only shows up with bCheckExternalHacks=True)
* added client TimeDilation checks
* added a check for suspicious classes (e.g. renamed aimbot classes)
* added a progress message for mid-game checks that require a noticable amount
of client resources and disabled forced respawn during these checks
* added a fix to the secured PlayerController for certain FOV problems
* added anti-autoaim and anti-script-wallhack code to secured PlayerController
* other mods can now detect Anti TCC kicks by checking for Mutate commands that
start with the string "KickedBy AntiTCC"; other mods can tell Anti TCC that
they kicked a player by sending the Mutate command "KickedBy <mod> <reason>";
players abusing the KickedBy command to confuse Anti TCC are kicked
* fixed a bug that caused spectators to prevent the start of a match
* added bSingleLineLogs option, which will cause Anti TCC to write insecurity
details to a single line in the log file instead of multiple lines for player
details, insecurity description, detected values and expected values
* added a check for an illegal player ID, which seems to be connected to a
widely used CD key
* slowed down skin checks a bit to reduce lags for other players
* fixed class list timeout being displayed as package list timeout
* simplified class list check and slowed it down to reduce client-side hitches
* fixed new v3270 classes being detected as unknown classes on earlier server
* fixed modified class Engine.GUIController being detected in UT2004 v3197beta
* progress messages now also include "Please wait" if the match countdown
hasn't started yet
* added option to display the server operating system in the server details
(Windows, Unix-based or MacOS X and whether it's a 64bit system)
* removed support for Anti Bypass Tool, since it is now replaced by the file
blacklist checks
* fixed potential problems with backslashes vs. slashes on non-Windows clients

Changes 1.16f -> 1.17
* added seperate kick message for illegal classes
* seperated WhatToDo settings for blacklisted files/classes, skin cheats and
illegal render settings from other cheat reactions
* if you're kicked or banned, it will show up in the client logfile
* Filter Player Name will now also remove invisible characters from player
names (not only color codes)
* Anti TCC tries to disable blacklisted classes and all hacks based on the
HelioS security hack
* tweaked the match delay code again to prevent other mods from accidently
saving an increased NetWait time
* objects with illegal names no longer crash the client; instead the number
of illegal object names found is reported to the server and results in an
integrity violation
* Anti TCC will delay match start and respawn as long as all clients are busy
doing MD5 checks if bcheckFullMD5 is enabled (the game is unplayable during
Full MD5 checks anyway)
* optimized client class checks; only new classes are sent now, which should
greatly reduce lag after death (not the stuttering after you die, though)
* all broadcast messages are now displayed in the server log and in webadmin,
even those that are not broadcasted to clients to prevent flooding
* the class blacklist was slightly modified to detect yet another bot
* the SaveLog and (No)SimpleLog console commands have been removed; please use
the webadmin settings instead

Changes 1.16e -> 1.16f
* fixed issues with Windows clients on Linux servers and vice versa
* modified the new aimbot check from 1.16e to run at least once at startup
* made class count check compatible to Mac UT2004 v3229

Changes 1.16d -> 1.16e
* increased maximum length for log file timestamp, allowed console class and
allowed GUIController class in webadmin to 50 characters
* tweaked match start delay and respawn deplay again
* fixed short freeze after death (it still freezes some times, but not as long
and due to a different reason, see next change)
* modified class check to actively search for more unknown aimbot classes
* fixed automatic banning (still, avoid using automatic permanent ban, please)

Changes 1.16c -> 1.16d
* optimized sorting algorithms for player IDs and package lists
* added protection against nick change flooding
(bot coders sometimes have weird ideas o_O)
* tweaked text flood protection
* tweaked match start delay and respawn deplay so the match won't start as long
as all players are still initializing Anti TCC and individual players can
only respawn when they are done initializing Anti TCC
* removed InitialTimeoutSeconds setting because of the new initialization delay
* class blacklist now also gets checked when the player dies
* check for illegal object name characters checks the whole object name now to
find obfuscated variable names more reliably
* added some more aimbot classes to the class blacklist
* removed MD5 and string encryption (but kept compression) to work around the
CRC Mismatch and related problems
* increased default timeout to 1 minute and logfile save interval to 30 seconds

Changes 1.16b -> 1.16c
* modified kick messages to be easier to understand
* added a fix for another server crash exploit
* partially fixed "CRC Mismatch", "Forged Player ID" and related problems
* tweaked class check result for non-existant classes
* added more detailed class check log messages
* reason for integrity violation is sent to the client as well
* broadcasted Anti TCC messages are also displayed in the webadmin console now

Changes 1.16a -> 1.16b
(shows up everywhere as 1.16a with different build date, sorry)
* added fix for a server crash exploit
* added fix for demo playback crashes and log spam
* added some more classes to the class blacklist
* modified admin faker code so HelioS bots are fooled as well
* fixed player ID logging using the server's GUID instead of the client's on

Changes 1.15 -> 1.16a
* dropped the 'Lite' in the name - Anti TCC wasn't 'Lite' anymore for a long
time already
* added spam protection to Ver, Whois, Whowas and ShowIDs commands
* removed server-side effect of CreateCameraEffect command
* added support for new v3236 classes on older server versions
* added class blacklist (blocks known aimbot classes)
* added den_p1p0-Hack.ini and UnrealGame.dll to hard-coded disallowed files
* added v3236 .U file FullMD5s to hard-coded MD5 list
* increased default timeout values by 50%
* added option to automatically remove old player IDs after a certain time
* added support for the Anti Bypass Tool, which detects and disables the
den_p1p0 security bypass
* the Anti TCC package is now checked regardless of the bSelfIntegrityChecks
setting's value
* tweaked color code stripping code for player names

Changes 1.14 -> 1.15
* added internal color code stripping
* moved check progress screen message further upwards
* added option to strip color codes from player names and text messages
* added hard-coded FullMD5 checks
* added class count checks
* tweaked match and respawn delay code
* fixed class checks starting before package checks were completed when many
packages are loaded
* modified class check delays to speed up initial class check while still
reducing lag mid-game
* increased frequency of render settings checks
* FullMD5 checks now also send the checked file's actual name to the server
* locked down unsed security functions (some of them seemed to get called from
outside Anti TCC)
* logfiles are only created when players actually join the game

Changes 1.13 -> 1.14
* tweaked text flood and mass suicide checks
* removed GUI classes check because it kept causing "Incompatible Game Files"
* fixed spectators affecting match start delay
* slowed down skin and package checks to reduce lag
* class checks also include stasis actors and actors in the entry level
* package GUID is also sent for FullMD5-checked files
* tweaked configuration profiles code

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