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Unread 31st July, 2005, 11:05 PM
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Holy Shit!!
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Default Advanced Chat Log System

Advanced Chat Log System v220
For Linux & Windows Dedicated Servers

(Successor To The Popular "Win/Lin Server Chat Logger")

» Download Here! «

What's new in 2.20:
Optionally acts as a messaging spectator to log messages from mods such as CSHP, Pure, and EUT.

Automatic IP detection which attempts to find your server's IP address and uses it in the logs. In HTML mode, this is also used to create a link that can be clicked to take you to the server the log was recorded on.

Bugfixes. I'm not perfect There were a few bugs... hopefully now there aren't

Advanced Chat Log System
Created By MSuLL

This is a new mod I created for UT servers that allows
for in-game chat to be logged to external log files.
Unlike WebChatLogger, this logger works on BOTH Windows
and Linux UT servers. It can log to raw .log files, OR it
can also create web pages for easy viewing.

This logger will write:
Player Joins (and their IP address)
Player Name Changes (old and new names for tracking)
Say Chat (regular messages by players)
TeamSay Chat (messages to other team mates)
System Chat (messages to players generated by the server)
Localized Messages (special messages like death / team switch messages)
Messaging Spectator (special messages from mods like Pure, CSHP, and others)

It uses no native code or anything amazingly fancy. It can log to any directory you specify, relative to your System directory.

This can log to both the server's log file, as well as the external logs.

Log filenames, by default, will look like this:

There are many options on naming these log files, see the readme on how to do all this. However the front tag ([ChatLog]) can be changed to whatever you like, or even removed. The server name can be added to the filename, or the map name can be removed.

Log Examples:
Plain Text

Enjoy everyone!

| Version 2.20 |
- [Added] Messaging Spectator ability
- [Added] Server IP detection
- [Fixed] Misc. small bugs

| Version 2.10 |
- [Added] HTML Mode
- [Added] Name change tracking
- [Added] IP display on join

| Version 2.00 |
- Initial Relase (Private Beta)

|  Thanks To  |
- |KOA|The_Dave: For servers to test on, a website,
and a lot of support for all this time!

- Azazel: For the hosting of,
which is my little base of operations.

- BDB (Bruce Bickar): This mod was inspired by your
work.  Many thanks for all that you've done for
the UT community - we appreciate it.

| MSuLL - 2006 |
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