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Unread 6th December, 2002, 11:27 AM
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Hello everyone,
I am having a little problem with playing UT on the net; maybe someone here can help me, which would be greatly appreciated...
(sorry for eventual spelling errors, english isn't the language i master best)
The problem isn't about UTpure , i think i solved that bummer !
I have tried to play on the WAN with 3 different methods, every one has a problem:
1. Emulating 436 os 9 version in "classic environment 9.2.2" running 10.2.2:
here the problem is that when i click on "populated servers", UT starts pinging the servers, as usual, but stops at 2 percent... leaving me with only a dozen servers in the list :(.. i can press F5 only to get the same result...
2. Running 436x3 (preview 3 OS X version):
this time the full list of servers appears after a while, but when i select a server to confirm a good ping it indicates, i get scores doubled by 3 or 4.. so it's impossible to get them sorted by ping since all the values are apparently wrong.. also what is strange is that i get about 200 servers at the top of the list that score 4 milliseconds.. impossible... and again if i select it, it recalculates and shows a ping around 200-300...
3. Running 436 directly under OS 9.2.2
The sever list is perfect.. at the top of the list i get servers with a ping a 50-70 (i have ADSL 256).. but when i join such a server (and don't get kicked by UTpure) lag is horrible !
It's impossible to play if you can, for example, fire once with the rocket launcher, walk forward a bit, turn around and see your own projectile materialize and start coming straight at you heh
lag, is "normal", yes, what ever that word means, but what is not is this:
First of all such a lag shouldn't happen with a ping around 60.. but the most strange of all is, if i decide to go into window mode (opposed to full screen mode): my fps drop dramatically of course, but the lag disappears !!! my bullets or rockets now hit immediately when i click ! isn't that bizarre ?!! so even with my G4 933 and Geforce4MX i have to play at 640x480 16 bit to get an acceptable frame rate in window mode :(
any suggestions ?

thanks in advance.
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