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Unread 31st October, 2001, 01:11 AM
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damn this place ownz..... FIRST post !!! GRAHH!!!

anyways, on to his other mods.....

how would u guys like to have the user/pass login for servers ( not jsut a pass, therefor letting u know who is loging on if u got a passworded server... so pass's dont spred ) system done?

i need to know cuz i will be codeing the backend of the database, with a web interface for the server admins.... here is what i was thinking...

2 versions of my front end stuff, db's will still be the same:

personal server: ummm, u get your own database.. i give u an install script, and poof, u got a small website that ppl can go register for a user/pass word to your server.... auto given, or if u choose moderated ( they signup... but not an active account till the server admins says "GO!" )

ps: your own database does not mean we provide it... we jsut tell u know to set it up

central servers: well, here was my thought.... i'd host the db for this 1 off 1 of my friends networks, here is how i would set it up. server admins register there servers, u can then join a group or create 1 ( group like a web ring.... all a guys user/pass is good on every server within 1 ring, once 1 of the admins lets him in ), normal users sign up, then they can search throught the "web rings" to see what they wish to apply for....... idea's pls?
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