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Unread 15th January, 2023, 04:37 PM
Roebuck Roebuck is offline
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Default I Have a problem with UT2003 which is confusing the hell out of me

I am including a txt file containing the screen box that appear and a partial copy of the the UT2003.log file
well here goes the listings

================================================== ===========================================

Screen Box Message

UT2003 Build UT2003_Build_[2003-04-07_17.42]

OS: Windows NT 6.2 (Build: 9200)
CPU: AuthenticAMD Unknown processor @ 4005 MHz with 2047MB RAM
Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 (1694)

Assertion failed: InPos<=Size [File:..\..\Core\Inc\FFileManagerWindows.h] [Line: 60]

History: FArchiveFileReader::Seek <- ULinkerLoad::Seek <- LoadImportMap <- ULinkerLoad::ULinkerLoad <- UObject::GetPackageLinker <- UObject::StaticLoadObject <- (Engine.Mesh annoying_kid2.annoying_kid2 NULL) <- UObject::execClassContext <- (xPlayer DM-IHSG-PC-Room.xPlayer @ Function Engine.PlayerController.ReceiveLocalizedMessage : 0024) <- UObject:rocessEvent <- (xDeathMatch DM-IHSG-PC-Room.xDeathMatch, Function UnrealGame.DeathMatch.PostLogin) <- ULevel::SpawnPlayActor <- MatchViewportsToActors <- (DM-IHSG-PC-Room) <- ClientInit <- UGameEngine::LoadMap <- LocalMapURL <- UGameEngine::Browse <- ClientTravel <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop

END of File
================================================== ================================================== ===========================================

"Unreal Tournament 2003\System\UT2003.log" logfile
================================================== =========
Log: Log file open, 01/14/23 15:16:19
Init: Name subsystem initialized
Init: Detected: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2 (Build: 9200)
Init: Version: 2225 (121.29)
Init: Compiled: Apr 16 2003 22:59:27
Init: Command line:
Init: Base directory: D:\Unreal Tournament 2003\System\
Init: Character set: Unicode
Init: Build label: UT2003 Build UT2003_Build_[2003-04-07_17.42]
Log: Bound to Window.dll
Log: Bound to Core.dll
Log: Bound to Engine.dll
Init: Object subsystem initialized

>>>>> line 35 - line 164 every thing seems ok to here continuing from line 165

Log: Resolving
Log: Scanning and building mutator list
Warning: Missing IntProperty IntProperty XGame.xPlayerReplicationInfo.headcount
Warning: Failed to load 'Invasion_Kang': Can't find file for package 'Invasion_Kang'
Warning: Failed to load 'Class Invasion_Kang.MutHordeControl': Can't find file for package 'Invasion_Kang'
Log: Failed to load 'Class Invasion_Kang.MutHordeControl': Can't find file for package 'Invasion_Kang'
Warning: Failed to load 'ServerBots2': Can't find file for package 'ServerBots2'
Warning: Failed to load 'Class ServerBots2.ServerBots': Can't find file for package 'ServerBots2'
Log: Failed to load 'Class ServerBots2.ServerBots': Can't find file for package 'ServerBots2'
Warning: Missing ClassProperty ClassProperty XWeapons.InstantFire.HitEffectClass
Warning: Missing NameProperty NameProperty Engine.WeaponAttachment.FiringMode
Warning: Missing BoolProperty BoolProperty Engine.LevelInfo.bHighDetailMode
Warning: Missing Class Class XWeapons.HitEffectBase
ScriptLog: 1 Servers 0 Channels
Log: Resolved ->
Log: Connection established.
ScriptLog: CustomTab: Could Not Find Game Type '' In Combo
ScriptLog: DM: Initial refresh
Log: Resolving
Log: Resolved ->
Log: Connection established.
ScriptLog: GUIController::CloseMenu - Package.ServerBrowser
ScriptLog: PreClientTravel
Log: URL: Adding default option Name=Player
Log: URL: Adding default option Class=Engine.Pawn
Log: URL: Adding default option Character=Gorge
Log: URL: Adding default option team=0
Log: Browse: Gorge?team=0
Init: WinSock: Socket queue 32768 / 32768
DevNet: Game client on port 0, rate 25000
Log: Creating IME context.
DevNet: PendingLevel received: CHALLENGE VER=2225 CHALLENGE=204623075 STATS=0 SEC=1
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=2EC120F34F6E1B0D40400A8D6E480FBB PKG=DM-BloodLoss FLAGS=1 SIZE=622270 GEN=1 FNAME=DM-BloodLoss.ut2
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=17158B3B4FF9A24F520996A03FACE2BE PKG=Engine FLAGS=1 SIZE=2202902 GEN=35 FNAME=Engine.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=1A7E493D4127EB5494CCAFA3110DF855 PKG=Core FLAGS=1 SIZE=66198 GEN=35 FNAME=Core.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=A0ADCAED408630B21D18DA933BE94B97 PKG=Shiptech FLAGS=1 SIZE=10683 GEN=2 FNAME=Shiptech.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=61D3A7EE4093392A347114A39A54A9B2 PKG=UCGeneric FLAGS=1 SIZE=13394 GEN=2 FNAME=UCGeneric.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=AF6619A449F7E816685F9396295CFC60 PKG=CubeMaps FLAGS=1 SIZE=34686 GEN=2 FNAME=CubeMaps.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=72F7BCF74E6D31E9E983289BD7EDA9F1 PKG=XGameShaders FLAGS=1 SIZE=11882 GEN=2 FNAME=XGameShaders.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=CB0493C64D91320A3ADEA18C08915560 PKG=PlayerSkins FLAGS=1 SIZE=15142 GEN=2 FNAME=PlayerSkins.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=A16A339A48C21DF3D28A17BEE013DA9B PKG=XGameTextures FLAGS=1 SIZE=11038 GEN=2 FNAME=XGameTextures.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=23EC456844F12B386CDA748B3A85D18C PKG=TeamSymbols_UT2003 FLAGS=1 SIZE=6083 GEN=2 FNAME=TeamSymbols_UT2003.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=624FBA234EF1D1752D010F9EE1AF6AA2 PKG=Fire FLAGS=1 SIZE=16245 GEN=35 FNAME=Fire.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=3880500B407CB016FC5FB2B731D839F6 PKG=Editor FLAGS=1 SIZE=532014 GEN=35 FNAME=Editor.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=080294554B822A31CB0B2B9E467DFA53 PKG=Gameplay FLAGS=1 SIZE=191594 GEN=35 FNAME=Gameplay.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=4A0E1EC147349B85581312B191FCDCC5 PKG=UnrealGame FLAGS=1 SIZE=774124 GEN=35 FNAME=UnrealGame.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=1AE631EA45D53E0B3078E0B6CDF789E0 PKG=AnnouncerMain FLAGS=1 SIZE=12419394 GEN=1 FNAME=AnnouncerMain.uax
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=43D0E8A44D0AF574DAD1B4AC1DEDCB6A PKG=GameSounds FLAGS=1 SIZE=1722 GEN=2 FNAME=GameSounds.uax
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=1C03700249C3C14A1B32BDB80D0D4A44 PKG=InterfaceContent FLAGS=1 SIZE=16950 GEN=2 FNAME=InterfaceContent.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=CF4876B34E1D134130FCEFBF9E3F0850 PKG=intro_characters FLAGS=1 SIZE=19634 GEN=2 FNAME=intro_characters.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=AFA799DF42D5003C31EB1DB3A3EB832B PKG=XEffects FLAGS=1 SIZE=10901085 GEN=35 FNAME=XEffects.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=5DC9476247261F927F1A04A79491ABE0 PKG=XEffectMat FLAGS=1 SIZE=11782 GEN=2 FNAME=XEffectMat.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=A549FB1D4EF1E7E572C42BA3BFE4AC3D PKG=EpicParticles FLAGS=1 SIZE=12448 GEN=2 FNAME=EpicParticles.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=A02B800C42428D1C10A37EBB8ACC7C42 PKG=WeaponSounds FLAGS=1 SIZE=27425 GEN=2 FNAME=WeaponSounds.uax
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=363BA4044D612BD67BDA889A238FDB52 PKG=BloodFX FLAGS=1 SIZE=1202 GEN=2 FNAME=BloodFX.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=AB13080D4CACC4F91AEB7795C83CE38F PKG=ParticleMeshes FLAGS=1 SIZE=7687784 GEN=1 FNAME=ParticleMeshes.usx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=B60B31D7424FD7611C11CBAE608AEA2B PKG=AWGlobal FLAGS=1 SIZE=40421 GEN=2 FNAME=AWGlobal.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=83473AF542CA7C2AB10C148A5641FF81 PKG=SkyRenders FLAGS=1 SIZE=9688 GEN=2 FNAME=SkyRenders.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=31D8ADF24247E107F8F3EC82DEF8201A PKG=dom-goose FLAGS=1 SIZE=13548287 GEN=1 FNAME=dom-goose.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=6492D08D40E9E701534EC6A90296363D PKG=FireEngine FLAGS=1 SIZE=21786 GEN=2 FNAME=FireEngine.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=1BD6EB304CF2E6A3D2600AB39420B45C PKG=MikeDemoLevel FLAGS=1 SIZE=9662 GEN=2 FNAME=MikeDemoLevel.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=64439D11490ADCC53921E885C31EC4DC PKG=ArboreaArchitecture FLAGS=1 SIZE=9971 GEN=2 FNAME=ArboreaArchitecture.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=403F3644472E4D79B5DE4EBC0E1F0CB0 PKG=H_E_L_Ltx FLAGS=1 SIZE=20176 GEN=2 FNAME=H_E_L_Ltx.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=917BC0F64E75C83608E50DA7CDEA46CC PKG=Egypt_tech_Epic FLAGS=1 SIZE=4026 GEN=2 FNAME=Egypt_tech_Epic.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=AF5127A24AD02D452F2C3F8458094F21 PKG=ArboreaTerrain FLAGS=1 SIZE=4847 GEN=2 FNAME=ArboreaTerrain.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=47522A4F45CE7BF860216098B9965E96 PKG=AbaddonArchitecture-epic FLAGS=1 SIZE=12123 GEN=2 FNAME=AbaddonArchitecture-epic.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=A403110D43827D45D61F92BB0F0BD027 PKG=AlleriaArchitecture FLAGS=1 SIZE=11703 GEN=2 FNAME=AlleriaArchitecture.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=CB1DE29249BC8B12FE89A79C75744A7B PKG=AbaddonArchitecture FLAGS=1 SIZE=11575 GEN=2 FNAME=AbaddonArchitecture.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=885B7B8447A5389FA33968A9E17159C2 PKG=TowerTerrain FLAGS=1 SIZE=7606 GEN=2 FNAME=TowerTerrain.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=09C686B144F4519EDAE4548016A1BB16 PKG=AbaddonTerrain FLAGS=1 SIZE=1819 GEN=2 FNAME=AbaddonTerrain.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=A1987F204B25E7284EDAF5BE85FF1920 PKG=PickupSkins FLAGS=1 SIZE=4667 GEN=2 FNAME=PickupSkins.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=7484151643A517A1EE6FD6A671A2707F PKG=XGameShadersB FLAGS=1 SIZE=2472 GEN=2 FNAME=XGameShadersB.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=58995DFD4379594CB1F632982699ABA7 PKG=DefaultFluid FLAGS=1 SIZE=2630 GEN=2 FNAME=DefaultFluid.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=B042E2A74A83A053C14C7190DFDFF6D0 PKG=PlayerSounds FLAGS=1 SIZE=34929 GEN=2 FNAME=PlayerSounds.uax
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=AE85BE964E0E977D5FAACCAF69F88F59 PKG=EmitterTextures FLAGS=1 SIZE=35838 GEN=2 FNAME=EmitterTextures.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=E2DED76342894D01D1FE15B084DE6B14 PKG=GeneralAmbience FLAGS=1 SIZE=16817 GEN=2 FNAME=GeneralAmbience.uax
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=76FAE5224045C5207F3A84A84EED66BB PKG=WeaponStaticMesh FLAGS=1 SIZE=2723743 GEN=1 FNAME=WeaponStaticMesh.usx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=39D2FBDF45EAC61D5C94FE840B24F323 PKG=WeaponSkins FLAGS=1 SIZE=6783 GEN=2 FNAME=WeaponSkins.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=0D9FC02F4512AE5216B08EA2B39395D4 PKG=XPickups FLAGS=1 SIZE=14922 GEN=35 FNAME=XPickups.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=E20730BD41D3DFDDA25C16BDD7FC805A PKG=PickupSounds FLAGS=1 SIZE=2598 GEN=2 FNAME=PickupSounds.uax
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=2451B9514187DFB4B33C5BBF9FC23A7B PKG=E_Pickups FLAGS=1 SIZE=604994 GEN=1 FNAME=E_Pickups.usx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=8F7972514BEC9E45CC7DD5A6B7CC9C0F PKG=XPickups_rc FLAGS=1 SIZE=106693 GEN=1 FNAME=XPickups_rc.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=B9D5576947CAE13FB7E37AA3ECF9B063 PKG=XGame FLAGS=1 SIZE=498172 GEN=37 FNAME=XGame.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=6F53DFEC40D6C081174E9991040DD836 PKG=TauntPack FLAGS=1 SIZE=78075 GEN=2 FNAME=TauntPack.uax
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=772A302C416E5D2223122E8D996D0AD3 PKG=NewDeath FLAGS=1 SIZE=10358 GEN=2 FNAME=NewDeath.uax
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=B46541604448C4DC3CC280A3EE8B85E1 PKG=XGame_rc FLAGS=1 SIZE=2653564 GEN=1 FNAME=XGame_rc.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=EC0DDF95440715FB2D7E8EA8BAD42748 PKG=SC_Volcano_T FLAGS=1 SIZE=9081 GEN=2 FNAME=SC_Volcano_T.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=543B28404A96DC8FD87836BB4693F51B PKG=XGame_StaticMeshes FLAGS=1 SIZE=2054852 GEN=1 FNAME=XGame_StaticMeshes.usx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=A967B0FE49E4AA7EDB34E3BFF59EABE7 PKG=DanFX FLAGS=1 SIZE=178440 GEN=2 FNAME=DanFX.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=32DCBB2041A85C5302A2C78FB34858C5 PKG=Phobos2_cp FLAGS=1 SIZE=6301 GEN=2 FNAME=Phobos2_cp.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=245FA16C42AEA825FB7E538E2ECE29F3 PKG=CP_Effects1 FLAGS=1 SIZE=633 GEN=2 FNAME=CP_Effects1.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=02CAD2AB43EC4BFD8F780F8E0E23B54C PKG=TeamSymbols FLAGS=1 SIZE=501 GEN=2 FNAME=TeamSymbols.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=C0F9251B4DABCE54E44B40A6ED0A4F39 PKG=GeneralImpacts FLAGS=1 SIZE=969 GEN=2 FNAME=GeneralImpacts.uax
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=426EFB374063A134B27405A564808C83 PKG=DeRez FLAGS=1 SIZE=2127 GEN=2 FNAME=DeRez.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=8C8DC2A74DA21AD4E592B591EE1F4186 PKG=MenuSounds FLAGS=1 SIZE=4427 GEN=2 FNAME=MenuSounds.uax
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=C584DA72420542200F941E866D08C217 PKG=Jugg FLAGS=1 SIZE=2587228 GEN=1 FNAME=Jugg.ukx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=BB5F180C4D026967E38700A86A39838B PKG=XWeapons FLAGS=1 SIZE=536223 GEN=35 FNAME=XWeapons.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=D8C61377402FA4E56C1CCFB952855F9E PKG=XWeapons_rc FLAGS=1 SIZE=424018 GEN=1 FNAME=XWeapons_rc.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=E50187DC458FFDB0067F61A04E40E802 PKG=Weapons FLAGS=1 SIZE=2708778 GEN=1 FNAME=Weapons.ukx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=F47FD8314897B7A7226A83896BE62AC9 PKG=InstagibEffects FLAGS=1 SIZE=424 GEN=2 FNAME=InstagibEffects.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=D23EB62D41E22DEA52C30487B5061A4C PKG=IndoorAmbience FLAGS=1 SIZE=14146 GEN=2 FNAME=IndoorAmbience.uax
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=492E67DD4376D4BA8101B0BAD84BCFA5 PKG=XInterface FLAGS=1 SIZE=1321012 GEN=36 FNAME=XInterface.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=79422F2248D9B3D4FB0F8C854CC89D85 PKG=Laddershots FLAGS=1 SIZE=1114 GEN=2 FNAME=Laddershots.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=4D80EE69429CCE923AB618B883738015 PKG=ExitScreen FLAGS=1 SIZE=2015 GEN=2 FNAME=ExitScreen.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=9032FBC644497D85A47A7AAA6334A6B3 PKG=Crosshairs FLAGS=1 SIZE=1734 GEN=2 FNAME=Crosshairs.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=90C1CF0348D9FBA1101C2F82FD0CCAA7 PKG=ServerIcons FLAGS=1 SIZE=1401 GEN=2 FNAME=ServerIcons.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=B5DB05B945A25EC84A2756B56846A891 PKG=MenuEffects FLAGS=1 SIZE=3298 GEN=2 FNAME=MenuEffects.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=3B6374174E71C9947088CC843E0BFF8E PKG=LastManStanding FLAGS=1 SIZE=456 GEN=2 FNAME=LastManStanding.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=95C4852F448F6644B466CA903F47DB17 PKG=SinglePlayerThumbs FLAGS=1 SIZE=5763 GEN=2 FNAME=SinglePlayerThumbs.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=6211A9F34081F679D39F05931FF2E22E PKG=Vehicles FLAGS=1 SIZE=86936 GEN=35 FNAME=Vehicles.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=C0F10A3247478961133DE6906E4ACD48 PKG=VehicleFX FLAGS=1 SIZE=1866 GEN=2 FNAME=VehicleFX.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=BA641E9D4936D5DBC7E531AAD088113D PKG=BulldogMeshes FLAGS=1 SIZE=900034 GEN=1 FNAME=BulldogMeshes.usx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=AFFA615F4AA33FF05653509CFF2B9A71 PKG=EffectMeshes FLAGS=1 SIZE=18051 GEN=1 FNAME=EffectMeshes.usx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=B3270AA84B591A810C83B29AE240F0A4 PKG=MapVote400b11 FLAGS=1 SIZE=248541 GEN=1 FNAME=MapVote400b11.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=2032C70B41ABE67BA173A09F775E16A9 PKG=IntroSounds FLAGS=1 SIZE=31992 GEN=2 FNAME=IntroSounds.uax
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=0C6783B04EFA043AE1CE9F877C35F734 PKG=Relics2k3 FLAGS=1 SIZE=4699605 GEN=1 FNAME=Relics2k3.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=0D7C04184AE8CD36E77445A69CE0BA54 PKG=cf_tex02 FLAGS=1 SIZE=19953 GEN=2 FNAME=cf_tex02.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=0D139CD64FF6DCFC07959BB81972BD24 PKG=BarrensTerrain FLAGS=1 SIZE=2803 GEN=2 FNAME=BarrensTerrain.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=4FD51CE74FD65CDA5ECB4CAE373BD79B PKG=Face3_deco FLAGS=1 SIZE=1100 GEN=2 FNAME=Face3_deco.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=60B5AF6C4A703FDD05E72BB04FA0B856 PKG=BarrensArchitecture-epic FLAGS=1 SIZE=2220 GEN=2 FNAME=BarrensArchitecture-epic.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=ED5E232747738A1F63D41780BF690929 PKG=BarrensArchitecture FLAGS=1 SIZE=8200 GEN=2 FNAME=BarrensArchitecture.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=A9B5907143D4B911ABA28E8F1AB991CB PKG=cf_tex01 FLAGS=1 SIZE=14412 GEN=2 FNAME=cf_tex01.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=92EF0E2448EF98DB598CC6A5D66E8231 PKG=AW-Alleria FLAGS=1 SIZE=1462 GEN=2 FNAME=AW-Alleria.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=18204A7E4149F2AF6411C6871383C3CC PKG=Pipe_Set FLAGS=1 SIZE=10688 GEN=2 FNAME=Pipe_Set.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=6BEAF2C011D867B930000B8CB7637684 PKG=AntiTCC111 FLAGS=1 SIZE=201977 GEN=1 FNAME=AntiTCC111.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: DLMGR CLASS=IpDrv.HTTPDownload PARAMS= COMPRESSION=1
DevNet: PendingLevel received: DLMGR CLASS=Engine.ChannelDownload PARAMS=Enabled COMPRESSION=0
DevNet: PendingLevel received: WELCOME LEVEL=DM-BloodLoss LONE=0
DevNet: Welcomed by server: LEVEL=DM-BloodLoss LONE=0
Log: LoadMap: Gorge?team=0
Log: (Karma): Initialising Karma for Level.
Log: (Karma): Autodetecting CPU for SSE
Log: (Karma): Using SSE Optimizations
Log: Static mesh batches: 0 vertex bytes, 0 index bytes
Log: Collecting garbage
Log: Purging garbage
Log: 36002.5ms Unloading: Package NvidiaLogo
Log: 36002.6ms Unloading: Package NvidiaLogo_T
Log: 36002.6ms Unloading: Package HumanoidArchitecture2
Log: 36002.6ms Unloading: Package NvidiaLogo_M
Log: 36002.6ms Unloading: Package NvidiaLogoSounds
Log: 36002.6ms Unloading: Package NvidiaGorge
Log: (Karma): Terminating Karma for Level.
Log: (Karma): Level Karma Terminated.
Log: 36006.5ms Unloading: Package Bonuspack
Log: 36006.5ms Unloading: Package MutantSkins
Log: 36006.5ms Unloading: Package AnnouncerEvil
Log: 36006.5ms Unloading: Package TowerStatic
Log: 36006.5ms Unloading: Package cassTextures2
Log: 36006.6ms Unloading: Package Shiptech2
Log: 36006.6ms Unloading: Package ArboreaHardwareBrush
Log: 36006.6ms Unloading: Package HumanoidArchitecture
Log: 36006.6ms Unloading: Package Egypt_techmeshes_Epic
Log: 36006.6ms Unloading: Package HumanoidHardware
Log: 36006.6ms Unloading: Package AlleriaTerrain
Log: 36006.6ms Unloading: Package HumanoidHardwareBrush
Log: 36006.6ms Unloading: Package AbaddonHardwareBrush
Log: 36006.6ms Unloading: Package BootsOfJumping
Log: 36006.6ms Unloading: Package BootsOfJumpingSounds
Log: 36006.7ms Unloading: Package sg_UT2003_pickups
Log: 36006.7ms Unloading: Package sg_UT2003_Jumpboots
Log: 36006.7ms Unloading: Package BootsOfJumpingMeshes
Log: 36006.7ms Unloading: Package CrotchShot
Log: 36006.8ms Unloading: Package EvolutionPack2
Log: 36006.8ms Unloading: Package XWebAdmin
Log: 36006.8ms Unloading: Package XAdmin
Log: 36006.8ms Unloading: Package FzSStyleIr
Log: 36007.2ms Unloading: Package HeadshotShockRifle
Log: 36007.2ms Unloading: Package Lz3BoomSnipeC
Log: 36007.2ms Unloading: Package Lz3TazerB
Log: 36007.2ms Unloading: Package Lz3ZoomShockC
Log: 36007.7ms Unloading: Package NoInvisHack
Log: 36007.7ms Unloading: Package ProZoomInstagibV130
Log: 36007.8ms Unloading: Package ShockRifleModsV1
Log: 36007.8ms Unloading: Package ShockSniper
Log: 36007.9ms Unloading: Package StormAvenger
Log: 36007.9ms Unloading: Package TA100
Log: 36007.9ms Unloading: Package TS2199
Log: 36008.0ms Unloading: Package TSW
Log: 36008.0ms Unloading: Package UT2Vote15
Log: 36008.5ms Unloading: Package UTClassic
Log: 36008.6ms Unloading: Package UTSecure
Log: 36008.6ms Unloading: Package UTSecure1a
Log: 36008.7ms Unloading: Package UTSecure211
Log: 36008.8ms Unloading: Package UT_SniperRifle
Log: 36008.8ms Unloading: Package MutatorArt
Log: 36008.8ms Unloading: Package WoRM2k3
Log: 36008.8ms Unloading: Package WTFWeapons
Log: 36009.0ms Unloading: Package XPak
Log: 36009.1ms Unloading: Package ZEncodersWeaponsV17
Log: 36009.1ms Unloading: Package ZWeaponsIcons
Log: 36009.1ms Unloading: Package ZWeaponsAnim2
Log: 36009.1ms Unloading: Package ZWeaponsTextures2
Log: 36009.1ms Unloading: Package ZWeaponsSnd
Log: 36009.1ms Unloading: Package ZAmmoSkins3
Log: 36009.1ms Unloading: Package ZWeaponsStatic2
Log: 36009.1ms Unloading: Package ZAmmoSkins2
Log: 36009.3ms Unloading: Package SkaarjPack
Log: 36009.4ms Unloading: Package SkaarjPack_rc
Log: 36009.4ms Unloading: Package SkaarjPackSkins
Log: Garbage: objects: 32125->21106; refs: 232653
Log: Level is Level DM-BloodLoss.myLevel
Warning: Paths may not be valid.
Log: Bringing Level DM-BloodLoss.myLevel up for play (90) appSeconds: 0.000036...
Log: Spawning new actor for Viewport WindowsViewport
ScriptLog: Team 0
ScriptLog: Login: Player
Log: PlayerController got player WindowsViewport
Log: No ScoreBoardType specified in GameInfo
ScriptLog: New Player Player id= fca74949307eba39603ce3045df60d63
Log: Collecting garbage
Log: Purging garbage
Log: Garbage: objects: 21115->21114; refs: 233555
Log: xUtil::CacheLoad CachePlayers (0.017899 seconds)
Warning: Failed to load 'Mesh Bender.Bender': Failed to find object 'Mesh Bender.Bender'
Critical: Assertion failed: InPos<=Size [File:..\..\Core\Inc\FFileManagerWindows.h] [Line: 60]
Critical: Windows GetLastError: The operation completed successfully. (0)
Exit: Executing UObject::StaticShutdownAfterError
Exit: Executing UWindowsClient::ShutdownAfterError
Exit: UALAudioSubsystem::ShutdownAfterError
Critical: FArchiveFileReader::Seek
Critical: ULinkerLoad::Seek
Critical: LoadImportMap
Critical: ULinkerLoad::ULinkerLoad
Critical: UObject::GetPackageLinker
Critical: UObject::StaticLoadObject
Critical: (Engine.Mesh annoying_kid2.annoying_kid2 NULL)
Critical: UObject::execClassContext
Critical: (LevelInfo DM-BloodLoss.LevelInfo0 @ Function Engine.LevelInfo.FillPrecacheMaterialsArray : 00E1)
Critical: UObject::execClassContext
Critical: (AntiTCCSecurePlayer DM-BloodLoss.AntiTCCSecurePlayer @ Function Engine.PlayerController.ReceiveLocalizedMessage : 0024)
Critical: UObject:rocessEvent
Critical: (AntiTCCSecurePlayer DM-BloodLoss.AntiTCCSecurePlayer, Function UnrealGame.UnrealPlayer.PlayStartupMessage)
Critical: RemoteCall
Critical: HandleStream
Critical: UActorChannel::ReceivedBunch
Critical: (Actor AntiTCCSecurePlayer)
Critical: UChannel::ReceivedSequencedBunch
Critical: Direct
Critical: UChannel::ReceivedRawBunch
Critical: DispatchDataToChannel
Critical: BunchData
Critical: UNetConnection::ReceivedPacket
Critical: UNetConnection::ReceivedRawPacket
Critical: UTcpNetDriver::TickDispatch
Critical: UpdatePreNet
Critical: ULevel::Tick
Critical: (NetMode=3)
Critical: TickLevel
Critical: UGameEngine::Tick
Critical: UpdateWorld
Critical: MainLoop
Localization: No localization: Window.IDDIALOG_CrashBox.IDC_CrashBox (int)
Exit: Exiting.
Log: Waiting for file streaming thread to finish...
Uninitialized: Name subsystem shut down
Uninitialized: Log file closed, 01/14/23 15:17:05

>>>>> End of File <<<<<
================================================== ======

If you can help me get this working I will be overjoyed with pleasure

Dave "Roebuck"
Alway be the best, but its even better to be yourself.

Dave "Roebuck"
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Unread 22nd January, 2023, 12:22 PM
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Default Fixed the issue

I have fixed the issue, by ditching the whole setup and starting from scratch re-installed issue UT2003 v2199 updating to v2225 setup the maps etc.
it is now working as it should be but my router is blocking me from connecting from outside - I willl sort it
Dave Roebuck
Alway be the best, but its even better to be yourself.

Dave "Roebuck"
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