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Unread 30th November, 2006, 07:10 PM
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Default LZR -InstaGib Rifle

s Cubed LZR

Name: s Cubed LZR
Version: IIa
Type: Unreal Tournament 2004 Mutator
Release Date: October 19 2006
Author: Stan R. aka <s^3>Hardfloor
Email: [email address]
Website for Updates:

Download: LZR IIa


The s Cubed LZR is a replacement for the stock UT2004 Super Shock Rifle used for InstaGib. Shot speed has been set to re-create the feel of Old Skool IG from years ago, a bit faster than the stock IG weapon.

Includes Headshot and Team Boosting. (Team Boost removable via webadmin)
Fire sound from Unreal 1's ASMD. Scarring effects and small impact explosions give a bit more life to the whole affair while burning headshots with custom message add to the fun.


The s Cubed LZR was primarily coded for use on our normal gravity CTF server. S Cubed has been running InstaGib servers since the beginning of Unreal Tournament 2004, with our primary focus on Low Gravity CTF. When adding the normal gravity server to our lineup, it became evident that the weapon we use for Low G was not ideal for this game type. The alternative would be the stock UT2004 Shock Rifle, which we found a bit slow in terms of re-fire.
Development of the first public LZR began in April of 2006 and ended with the release of LZR v1.5 which has run on our servers since then. This new version includes all the things I didn’t get to finish on the previous release. It also fixes many of the problems overlooked from version 1.0-1.5.


Users: (For Instant Action):
Copy sCubedLZRIIa.u and sCubedLZRIIa.ucl files to your UT2004 System folder. i.e.: x:\ UT2004\System\

Upload sCubedLZRIIa.u and sCubedLZRIIa.ucl files to the server’s UT2004 System folder.
Upload sCubedLZRIIa.u.uz2 included in package to your redirect server.
Do not add to server packages, the mutator will do this by itself.
Add - s Cubed LZR IIa – in Voting Game Config in webadmin under the default section
Add – the following to command line: sCubedLZRIIa.MutInstaGib

LZR has been tested with various mutators including sCubedPoing! Hit sounds, UT Comp etc. It has also been tested with most IG UT 2004 game types such as CTF, DM, INV and BR etc. Should there be a problem or should you get any errors, please feel free to email me.


V IIa – Second Public release
- Major code change to all classes
- Removed all pickups and bases server side
- Addition of Headshot with custom message
- Added burning effect to Headshot
- New Skin for weapon model
- Fixed animation switching problem
- Fixed server side errors
- Changed Hit Effects
- Added hit scarring after hit
- Changed damage overlay
- Modified Re-fire rate
- Added Server log identifier
- Added Server Browser identification
- Fixed canvas text color problem
- Changed fire sound to original Unreal 1 ASMD sound
V 1.5 – First Public release
- Modifications to sounds
- Tweaked beam effect
- Tweaked beam spiral
- Fixed more errors
- Re-skinned the weapon model
V 1.4 – Modified Beams,
- Changes to Beam Spiral
- Changed Hit effects
V 1.3 – Modified Beams
- Updated codes fixed server errors
V 1.2 – Changes in skins
- Addition of hit effects
V 1.1 - Changes in weapon model
V 1.0 – Initial Release more or less a test

Credits and Thanks:

First I’d like to thank all the s Cubed community for putting up with my seemingly endless rants about this mutator, and for helping during all phases of testing, and for the feedback.
I’d also like to thank people like Jeffery Bakker and Rachel Cardone for their website tutorials. The Unreal Wiki for endless sources of info on coding. The UDN website for detailed explanation of the Unreal code. A full list of credits are included in the actual code itself.


You may redistribute this mutator, as long as you also include this readme file is included in with the .u, .ucl and .u.uz2 files.

Parts of the code to create this mutator are from the existing code for Unreal ® Tournament 2004 Copyright © 2004 Epic Games, Inc.

«s³» s Cubed Gaming Community «s³»
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