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Unread 16th July, 2013, 11:15 AM
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Holy Shit!!
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yes I know but the average private redirect is <1gb anyways..
and providing you have the following .htaccess file in the main dir then it can;t easily be leeched (if at all)

Options -Indexes
this is only an alternative to a public redirect of course. If I/we all had stock files (which we don't atm) then sure open redirect be the way to go.

however .. custom servers have custom mods.. and the main problem is .. getting them onto a public redirect easily (in my case)

also the topic of mismatches.. which we all know.

I like BMG's idea of a torrent sharing service.. and the other problem with redirect services is the speed at which it reaches people globally.. esp for Big Assed Maps like FOT etc..

50mb compressed 30mb from a country close to the server yet redirected from other side of planet ?.. idk.
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Unread 28th December, 2019, 08:59 PM
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Default Redirect still up?

Is this still available and is there a tutorial on how to set up a ut99 server to use this redirect?

Thanks, 1S1K
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